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  • Constellation: Taurus
  • Born In: Brooklyn, New York,
  • Birthday:
  • Profession:Actress / Scenarist
  • Other Names:Nate
  • Photos: 3
Natalie Talmadge was the middle daughter of the original "stage mother", Margaret Talmadge (Peg). Her two sisters, Constance Talmadge (the comedienne) and Norma Talmadge (the tragedian) were also in the movies, and had their own production companies, bankrolled by Norma's husband in the 1920s, Joseph M. Schenck. Natalie married Buster Keaton in 1921. She only played one further role, "Virginia Canfield" in Keaton's Our Hospitality (1923). She had worked for Comique as a script girl/secretary for

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